Our Mission

To create opportunities to educate men about prostate cancer and encourage screening as well as raise funds that will help in the awareness and prevention of prostate cancer.


Who We Are - Awareness

My wife Kristen and I have been battling Prostate Cancer (PC) for the last year. When I was diagnosed with PC in August of 2008, I was completely unaware of the dangers of PC. PC is the leading cause of death in men today. A staggering 1 of every 6 men will be diagnosed with PC. It is no longer an old man’s disease; PC attacks younger men much more quickly and aggressively. After all the preliminary tests, scans, and biopsies, my PC had already spread outside the prostate gland. This was the worse case scenario. Once PC has broken through the prostate, the cancer gets into the lymph nodes and can spread freely throughout the body.   I opted for radical prostate removal instead of radiation. But let me assure you of one thing, I was never scared, worried or depressed about my fate. I have already given my “life“ to Christ Jesus. So, “to live in Christ and to die is gain.” (Please read more in the Prayer section) Kristen and I put all of our trust and faith in the one who “saved” us, by giving His life.  Who we are, is what we are; very grateful and extremely thankful . . .


What we are - Prevention

We are committed to raising awareness of this silent and deadly disease. Without pre-screening through a PSA test (prostate-specific antigen), there is no way of knowing if you have PC.  The PSA is a simple blood test that can record baseline levels of PC. If detected in the early stages, PC can be managed without having to take radical measures. Much like Breast Cancer, this is not a “MAN’S” issue, this is a “FAMILY” issue. We want to educate and inform men and their families. Through our fund raising events held throughout the year, we hope to provide education about the various Cancer Research programs, support groups and screening. Our 1st Annual Golf Tournament at Langdon Farms Golf Course in May 2009, raised over $10,000.00, which we donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Our goal for next year’s golf tournament is to raise $20,000 for the OHSU Knight Foundation PC research team, headed by Dr. Tomasz Beers (see bio in the links section).  We shall continue to work with various groups and organizations to combine our efforts, resources, and monies to achieve our mission and goals. What we are, is why we are; A child of the God most high!


Why We Are - Survival

I am a PC survivor. After racial surgery, 8 weeks of double dose radiation treatments, and continuing hormone therapy, my PC is in remission and my PSA levels are holding steady at 0.2. My first visit to the OHSU cancer center was to meet with an Oncologist and Radiologist. In the lobby, upon checking in, I met gentlemen that told me he has had cancer for 26 years and that his original prognosis was that he was terminal. He looked me in the eyes and said, “But here I am today!” My response was, “thank you brother for sharing that survival message with me.” We have a decision to make when we are told that cancer is threatening our lives, do we want to live or do we want to die. Through my experience with PC, I chose life. Defeat was not an option! Having a positive attitude, listening to my doctors, doing some research, and having FAITH in my Lord and Savior, victory over PC was assured. I now wish to help other men and their families survive PC. I hope that I can be a witness and testify to the Spirit. Why we are, is where we’ve going, onward and upward.


Where We’re Going – Forward

With the help of family, friends, sponsors, community and volunteers, we are moving forward in our efforts to create awareness, prevention and survival of PC. Since our first efforts were successful at the Mahina Young 1st Annual Golf Tournament, we have participated in the Bat for the Cure at PGE Park, and we are hosting a Holiday Happy Hour at O’Connor’s restaurant on December 4, 2009. This event will raise funds for the Doernbecher’s children “wish list”, as well as sponsoring a family for Christmas. We are committed to our annual golf tournament at Langdon Farms GC, hoping to raise more money and awareness each progressive year. With your help and support, we shall reach our goal of informing every man about the dangers of PC and help to find a cure. Thank you so much for ALL you have done already.

4th Annual Golf Tournament
May 24, 2012: Langdon Farms.

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